Michelle Lampl, MD, PhD


Predictive Health Institute

Founder and Director

Center for the Study of Human Health

Charles Howard Candler Professor

Department of Anthropology


Dr. Lampl is recognized for strategic leadership in creating innovative, collaborative education and research programs for human health. The Center for the Study of Human Health is the University's nexus for cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional collaboration fulfilling key academic and scientific objectives: delivering the first comprehensive and integrated Human Health Bachelor of Arts degree, Minor degrees in Global Health and in Predictive Health, and a pioneering program that advances College undergraduate health requirements from the classroom to stimulating peer-driven experience and translational activities. The Center brings together students and researchers from the greater resources of the University, including all Professional Schools, and health leaders from neighboring institutions, including Georgia Tech and the CDC.

As a physician scientist, Dr. Lampl's research focuses on human growth and development. Her landmark work established the saltatory nature of growth finding that humans grow in identifiable episodes versus a continuous, uninterrupted pattern. Current studies focus on fetal and infant growth, including the mechanisms of growth and origins of health. The investigations encompass the interaction between genetic and environmental factors with exploration of the nutritional, immunological and hormonal networks that interact with behavior to influence the growth process. Dr. Lampl presently collaborates with scientists internationally including the Perinatal Research Branch, NICHD and Dr. David Barker, University of Southampton, UK on projects related to her research.

A chaired professor of Anthropology, AAAS Fellow and recipient of the Emory Williams Award for Outstanding Teaching, Dr. Lampl has published over 100 scientific papers and lectures internationally, including an original study abroad program in France. She has served on Emory University's strategic planning initiatives. Dr. Lampl earned her PhD in anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and her MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. For further information on her research, please read here.


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